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2008 Answer Alpha Gear PAK


Category: MCM2 Rider Skins
z400jt says...
Well it took me almost two weeks to get the motivation up again to finish these off, but here they are.

These are specifically for everyone who has requested them on MGF, but hopefully you'll all like them.

Thanks for MotoX for paking these for me and to Corpse for the template.

D/L them and leave me some feedback.



856 other riders have already...

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 mxryan195 says: 
what does it replace?

 z400jt says: 
The original Answer stuff

 179 says: 
hey man, i just wanted to say thanks alot, i really like this skin i use it all the time, it has a good variation of colors and its clean looking, good job man keep up the good work, id like to see some fox racing gear from you someday... great job man! peace

 minimaidman865 says: 
can you please make this a dxt? cause i got multiex and paks dont work for me. thanks

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