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The Shop


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Clutch says...
A track behind the shop type of thing.
100% mva editor.
Have fun.


8893 other riders have already...

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 mathow says: 
Best track yet. So fun to ride it. It's long, easy to jump, nice flow, time to make some tricks and stuff, it feels real, it's realistic. Nice track bro, keep em comin !!

 Allen says: 
Hey man nice job on this good nat it flows a lot better than the first one great job good track A+

 suesman says: 
Very nice track man. Everything just flows great. Layout is fantastic & the textures look damn nice. Maybe a couple trees to break the monotony of the perimeter map, but I realize that really isn't an option at this time.

Overall great track.

 eod_flatliner says: 
after running that track i think im going to trash the one im working on and start over great job

 VRT_TOMATO says: 
I agree with flathead. I didnt even know it until I rode your track, but this is what im after when building a track. Everything just flows. There are a couple things I would change but that certainly isnt a "fault" on this track. Thanks for this.

 OTHG_DoDAD says: 
Awsome ride here. A definite keeper. Please do The Shop 2
when we get more objects and
veggies. But either way this will
be on my hard drive a long time. Great job.

 pcs800 says: 
Yes, this is a great track for mx-v-atv
But i'm sorry, this game is no mcm2. The physics are just odd. Not as much fun as mcm2.

 Superfly says: 
well if youve ever through a leg over a dirtbike before then you would know that these physics arent odd, they are quite realistic. MCM2 consists of a rider, a bike, and legs that stick out, mcm2 is in the past and done with.

 LosCyco says: 
I rode this track last night and I gotta say, this feels like an instant classic to me. The track rides perfectly and stays fun as hell. My favorite part about it is the lack of objects, I think tracks are better with less objects. I was getting tired of all the MCM2 tracks with objects EVERYWHERE, this nat feels like your riding an mcm1 nat.


 go2n84 says: 
man this is the best nat. yet, only way it can get better is maybe with some whoops, and a rythem section, but i dunno, it might be at its best..

 RIP_MRT says: 
Puuurrrrr - great track and to quote eod_flatliner:
"after running that track i think im going to trash the one im working on and start over great job"
I was thinking the same thing - only I just uploaded mine - oh well... But this one definetily gives you something to look forward/shoot for.

 freight says: 
top notch.please make more!!!totally awesome.i love the realistic tracks man.i can't explain how much i love this.

 UFO_Showtime says: 
Yet another excellent, themed track from Clutch.

The object placement really adds to the environment and makes you feel as if you're racing at some guy's home-owned, backyard track.

Textures are beautiful, and the track has lots of cool step-ups and tabletops for airing it out on. All the jumps and landings are super smooth.

In closing, this track is just plain fun. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

 BPh Designs says: 

 KTMracing556 says: 
how do you get the fmf track banners and stuff? Im gonna download it. i am cautious more now sice i have soo many userTracks. lol

 xX mxFREAK Xx says: 
somebody plz tel me how 2 make the ruts without them being squared ...... im a noob thx

 Kaelin#324 says: 
I didn't like this track at all. Most of the jumps were to small. But pretty fun on a 125. But i didnt think there was nothin to special about it.

 benn_motox says: 
2 words, Clutch.


 mx2007tony says: 
hi how come i cant ride the track
im new so i dont no what 2 do

 RW141 says: 
definitely one of the top 10 best tracks ive played

really nice man


 Castlemusta 381 says: 
amazing clutch! the trak was realistic, jumps were good, textures are good enough 2 pass, and a good flow.

 GUILLE.A says: 
excellent track

 Phil_MX95 says: 
very nice track.....

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

 bwinsel1428 says: 
nice work dude 10/10

 bwinsel1428 says: 
nice work dude 10/10

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