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Local Dub SX


Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
tk_flap says...
Yo. I spent alot of time on this track to get it how i wanted it, Its quite technical in some sections, but opens up in others. You will have to time the preload good in some areas if you want to go fast. I worked really hard on the AI, but i just gave up. I cant get them fast so i just left them to ride the track however they want to .. Race it online if you wanna race...

Have fun and drop some comments!


7817 other riders have already...

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 _XPR_NATE_ says: 
Good track - nice layout. I really like the tabletop section and both whoop sections.
One TINY suggestion, it's pretty easy to go off the tops of a couple of the berms. You might have meant that though.
Keem em coming! This one is definitely a keeper.

 RMZ250Racing282 says: 
the track looks awsome im gunna download it now... by the way your Moving On track was awsome and is my favorite track i have played so far... keep up the great work...

 kdub718 says: 
Another great track...

Whoops where key loved how they where challenging to get thru fast every lap...

Its about time we see a decent sx get released...

Keep them coming...

I'm workin on my first track and thanks for the help buddy.


 bondsmx says: 
this is by far the best sx we have seen so far... i like just about everything about this track... from the 2 great whoop sections, to the certain berms that you can't carry to much speed threw... just an all around great track... hope to see more soon.. b.bonds

 VRT_HAZE says: 
Nice work mang, download this track!

 Knate says: 

 SOCAL_651 says: 
god dammit i stil dont have the game! :'( looks awesome though

oh and knate tried to touch my weiner when i was sleeping

 GHeTTo_motoman23 says: 
yow dude brilliant track,,,,WHOOPZ ARE A 10/10 THERE SPOT On nice work


 Mk7Bultaco says: 
This is a great track and a terrific ride.
I found this circuit to be a lot of fun with some really well-designed sections. There is sufficient challenge here to keep me entertained for a while, and I really appreciate that.
Textures are looking pretty good on this and the overall look is really fine.
My only other comment would be that the scale of some of the obstacles seem a bit too large for my eye.
Overall, a fine job. Thanks for the release.

 tff_thormx says: 
the whoop sections are my very fav part i loved those big ol things man!. the rythems are creative and u gotta carrie alot of speed to seat bounce all three of those step on step offs.i love everybit of this track dude we need mor elike this terrific jobsss.

 mxvet says: 
I like it. fun!

 VRT_Crossup says: 
by far my favorite track released so far. keep up the good work

 MickyD says: 
Awesome ride Martin :)

 Garasaki says: 
Well Flap, I wanted to chime in on this one:

This is far and away the best SX I've ever played on these physics.

Everything about this track is good. The jumps are constructed wonderfully. The corners are good, with lots of variety. The whoops are insane. The rhythm sections have TONS of lines.

It's a really nice track. I'd say like a 9.35/10 on my scale. It's simple, but remains fun because of the whoops and the tons of different lines thru the rhyhm sections.

The one thing I'd REALLY like to see, is more small bumps throughout the track. The MvA physics do a great job of handling acceleration style bumps and ruts, and there are none to be found on your track. So, I (personally) would love to see rougher corners and maybe some jump approaches.

PS oh yeah, the other thing, is that it REALLY requires precision to hop from tabletop to tabletop and make it across all 3 in that one rhythm section...I would have really appriciated a bit of a lip to help me do that on that section. I know you were trying to increase the difficulty by not having a lip...I can respect that too. Just saying that I would have had a lip there...

 The_Guy says: 

 Kaelin#324 says: 
It is defintly a sick ttrack just the section before the finish i thought was a little stupied. Then the one triple triple section takes some good timing skills and i love how hard the step on step on step on step off section is i can only get it proabaly 7 out of 10 times

 Castlemusta 381 says: 
wow flap u really hit the spot this time.
good ryhthem, nice textures and nice lines.
i was a bit pissed about the whoops.
they r not AMA regulated.
still good work. 9/10.
CM 38

 mxbullet121 says: 
I really like how its up-downish. I like those kind of tracks with the tight turns.
Awesome track
whoops were a little high for me but really good!

 Danke KTM says: 

 aza #239 says: 

 Phil_MX95 says: 
very nice i like youre picture^^
nice jumps :)

 Metal13 says: 
Excelent job man! 9.5/10

 Костя says: 
Ребята я хочу с кем нибуть погонять по сетке это возможно как то?

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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