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Las Vegas SX 2006


Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
42 Creations (Nikhil) says...
Well, here's my second track. This got delayed about a month and a half, but it's finally ready for release. I didn't want to release until it was as good as I could make it. The bales are actually the same as they were on the real track. I matched the bales by company where I could, and color everywhere else. Thanks to all my beta testers: MxRider, Cytreen, Trem, Chlyd, Cutino Creations, Checkers, and ib80. Sorry if I forgot someone. Huge thanks to ib80 for the awesome textures and track pic. He gave me a ton of great suggestions for the track.

Track appears as Las Vegas 2006 in the supercross section. Good laptimes are in the 1:15-1:17 range.


14140 other riders have already...

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 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Please leave comments, good and bad.

 Dirtbikekid1990 says: 
Dude this track is sick!!!!!!!! i love the textures and the object placement is great.....rides really well too. the only thing i didnt like was that you cant get the pros' times.....other than that the FM was cool too great track!

 slamdmini says: 
track is fun. textures are good. i was at this race and the layout is quite good. but i didnt like how in some spots ur bike slows down alot, almost like ur in sand, (like before the finish line jump, and a few other spots), i guess thats the traction map or whatever. but the vegas track is always really hardpack, so i just dont really understand why u did that. for example, at the race the riders would have to brake and scrub the finish line jump hard in order to not overjump it. other than that i really like it.

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Yeah, there's drag in 2 spots on the track to prevent mva lines, but I'm surprised you felt it. I usually don't notice the drag...

 Lilbob862 says: 
Uhm I really like the track except the rythem section after the finish and the one after that the jump were, short. Not in distance in heigth. I agree with slamdmini. About the traction map. Usually I'll quad into that section on the onther las vegas. But hear its challange to triple. Its sort a nice prevention but a little eas on the TM next time. Or make it a smoother transition. Cause Id be going 60 and slow to 20. Haha. But I really loved the rack besides that 8/10.

 dennisours503 says: 
the track rocks but its to to slippery

 ChYLd says: 
looks like it came out good, im glad i was around on msn to yell at you and help guide you as you tweaked sections. good work.

 Supercow says: 
Looks good and it was very good 9/10 !

 hedgeownage says: 
This is a pretty good track but there are a few little things i didnt like. The berms were too smoothed out in the middle in my opinion- for me when I went to hit a berm with some speed it wouldnt keep me "in it" and shot me off track. Maybe try lowering the ground more towards the base of the berms ? I found the traction map to be annoying with the heavy drag set before jumps. IF someone had perfect rhythem all the way through the track, it probably would work pretty well. However, since everyone blows a section here and there, if you get out of rhythem that heavy drag really screws you up - making it pretty hard to get back into some rhythem. Also felt like the some of the corners were too slick. The traction on thunder alley was good I thought. I liked the tex alot on this track ...looked nice and dried up just like the real thing - especially thunder alley. Object placement was PRETTY good but there were a few sketchy looking parts in the whoops. The overall displacement seems pretty accurate and seems to scail. All in all its a good track!


 suZuKi9p says: 
this is like the xsv of supercross, ride it everytime were online racing =P

 suZuKi9p says: 
and one more thing... i loved how on thunder alley besides the dry hardpack look, u also had rubber marks on the ground, like black skidding marks stuffs and stuffs yea... good track

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
The drag on the friction map was necessary to prevent mva lines. For example, without drag in the first section after the start, it was easy to quad quad double, which no one could do in vegas. I tried to make the drag as unobvious as possible. It's weird, but I don't notice the drag anymore. Guess I've gotten used to it. What laptimes are people getting? My best is a 1:15.33.

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Oh, forgot one thing. Hedgownage, you mentioned you couldn't carry speed through the berm. Try squaring up the turns, or if you rail the berm, hit the clutch around the middle of the turn. You won't fly off the track, and you'll get more speed coming into the next section.

 Chopper731 says: 
Alright man at first I was hessitant (spelling?) to dl because I thought the Wingman had already done a great job on a rep but I went ahead, dled it and rode the track...

The textures are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them. Excellent job on them. This is a graphic intense track (as far quality no pc). I loved the form of the jumps and especially the dry slick look you gave it that we all know really develops on the Las Vegas SX or hell anywhere in Vegas. I could play this track for hours... could... but I can't because what you did with the traction mapping is very annoying. You should have just left it alone and let us do our own scrubbing and such. It doesnt make it realistic because if you actually held a 450 wide open (as we all do in the game), Im sure you could jump 200 feet. I have seen some guys get some pretty wicked throttle hand at the tracks at his an amatuer jump face ... its nasty. For instance, on the finish line instead of that goofy no traction to slow us down let us scrub and then make some nasty small chop before it to because I gaurentee you thats how the actual track was and if rickey would have hit it without letting off the gas he would landed near the berm.

Anyways... this track shows an incredible potential in your track making skills (if you can lay off the traction mapping a little bit) and I am very anxious to see what you put out next. Keep up the good work.

Graphically - A++
Gameplay- B

 Montemx927 says: 
I have a question...how do you download this one... on my computer, when i go to download it and press retrieve file it only says save and close...the only tracks that i know how to download are the ones where when you press retrieve file and it says open or save or close. please let me know cause i want to ride this track badd!!

 morgan334 says: 
dud this track is so real there was another version of las vegas 06 n i thought that was sik but just not quite real and right like las vegas but man this craps on it so much more realistic n just its perfect i love it so much man and also i have a question did you make the track 45 promotion coz if you did that is my favorite track i have ever played in mx vs atv its the best

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Lol, no, MX45 made promotion.

 MX_Rider_rm#46 says: 
great great work!!!

i saw this track since early stages and... well congratulations Nikhill, u make it even greater than i was expecting... very close wonderfull replica... please make more and more...

you learn well: "rush its enemy of perfection!!!"

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Thanks MX_Rider. Infact, if I remember correctly, you were the first person to recieve the earliest beta lol. Must have been 2-3 months ago...

 jasper1111 says: 
i love it very very good track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 you says: 
how do mak the jumps make you slow down?

 mx62 says: 
Great track man! This is the first track i've ever played on MVA, and i love it. I heard you're working on the A1, and i'm realy looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!

 Honda_250_Racer says: 
how do you use the .rar files. the only ones i can get to work on my mva pc game are .pak

 mx938 says: 
How can I play this track on my xbox, I am not too good at figuring out this type of stuff, thanks for helping.

 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
Hey, check out my new tracks:

Mud Bog: http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=mva_tracks&id=1173

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 42 Creations (Nikhil) says: 
w00t! #1

 ryanhall946 says: 
its a good track and a great replica bt why is i that the speed of the bikes is soo slow and the texture is soo slippery

 .Imakegoodtracks says: 
Hey Nikhill quit downloading your own track just so you can have the most downloads
This track isnt that good

 kx250fbentraves says: 
when i try to open this track it says it is not a win32 aplication how do i get onto it to play please tell me!!!!!!! anyhelp would be great

 kx250fbentraves says: 

 kx250fbentraves says: 
how the fuck do i mke it work please help

 GUILLE.A says: 

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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