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AMA Glen Helen National 2006


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Spencer B says...
For ’06, the track builders for the National at Glen Helen decided to change it up a bit. They have added a whole new section that actually wraps around the back, up and over the ridge, and over onto the REM track. What’s cool, is there is one more huge hill added to the track. It’s called Mt Whitney. This new track has only been used once in preparation for the upcoming National. The Prequel race was used as a test to make sure the track was ready. All of the Pros dug the new layout.

Now let’s get to this MVA replica of the ’06 Glen Helen National. I’ve spent about two months tweaking this and that to get a track that I was happy about. I think it came out great, hopefully you will too. Not being a pro at textures, I was thinking of enlisting some help, but ultimately I ended up doing them myself.

I have to thank the guys that beta tested the track and gave me some good feedback, namely Bobby Bonds. As an old friend of mine, I wanted to get his stamp of approval. He is probably one of the few guys around here that has ridden Glen Helen at a National when it is rough. He was happy, so I am satisfied.

So check it out, and you will get to ride the new layout that the pros will be riding this September.

Spencer B


17591 other riders have already...

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 sobbe says: 
i have never ride or see glen helen in the real life but it is an awesome track!! I love it :D

 hedgeownage says: 
I like the roughness of this one...better tex would of added alot to it I think...pretty fun to ride in my opinion though. Not sure if its really like the real Glen Helen because im not too familiar with it, but good job man.

 tff_thormx says: 
first of all i live in socal and have ridden at glen helen many times.and how rough u got this track thats really how rough the real one gets hahah.second just attempting glen helen i give u huuuggee props because as u can see the layout is huge.u got every section down to a roughness that keeps it a challenge but still fun.um i didnt realoly dig the tex should have been a bit more light sandy mixed with dirt but o well.great job on this!

 wingman says: 
i liked the track the tex was ok maybe some lighter shadows in the ruts and i didnt like the blind hills u know when its to steep to see infront of u then u cant setup for the turn... it was a good ride other then that...


 Hannylicious says: 
Some of the ruts were just WAAAAY too big... they were deeper than the bike is tall.

And sometimes the track just kinda blended with the outside of the track, and when you'd go up a hill blind into the corner, you'd go off the track.

Nice work, but it could use some tweaking a bit..

I give it about a 6 out of 10. Nice work.

 Mk7Bultaco says: 
This is a fine track and a great ride.
Tackling an AMA replica project is no small task, and this creator executed the project with great aplomb.
In fact, he almost knocked the ball right out of the park with this track, and I would rate the project as a very solid triple at worst.
The layout is solid, and quite the way I remember Glen Helen having been there a few times. The track does get rough, and although some of the ruts were oversized they were not grossly too large.
I too, noticed the blind hills due to their steepness, but it is the limited angle of view in this game that causes that problem. There is little a creator can do about that situation short of flattening the hill and that might not be a great solution either.
The textures are right in the ballpark - maybe not replica dirt - but it looks fine. I also appreciated the choice of trees in the lower section - ones that actually reminded me of the trees at the real track.
Overall, this track has provided a great ride that is a lot of fun.
This is well worth the download.
Thanks for the release.

 Chopper731 says: 
I agree with bultaco. Nice Work, fun to ride. Maybe next we could see a redbud?!?!?!

 VRT_TOMATO says: 
Great job on tackling this track.You did a fine job.

 Spencer B says: 
Hey guys, thanks for the good comments. Doing a track this large was hard to do because of the limitations of the editor. The ruts were a bit big and wide, because with the scale set at 10, it's imposible to get a small narrow rut wil a track this size. Oh well.

As for the textures, a few of the guys that were going to help me out, well I'm not sure what the deal was. No big deal though, I just wanted to release it before I got too busy at work.

 coady says: 
Not bad at all, but no way near the spec of the mcm2 version, that kicked ass! or the real thing!

 coady says: 
Not bad at all, but no way near the spec of the mcm2 version, that kicked ass! or the real thing!

 Mitch...71 says: 
Yesss BIGMIKE !!! GRRREAT JOB Bro'...Royal Track... Ask you can built "RED_BUD" too ??? C YA....... ;o)

 Mitch...71 says: 
lol... Sorry Spencer for this confusion..... ;o)

 MrMojoRizing says: 
This is by far my second favorite track for mva i've ever played so far (would be 1st if i hadn't already seen moups des nations lol). it has a very solid and overwhelming feeling that you nailed which makes it feel very national-ish. can't comment on the accuracy except top say it just feels like all the glen helens i've seen to date. absolutely excellent work. seriously in my top 2 tracks of all time. great job.

 BPh_Designs (FnF_Phil_80) says: 
I don't really like that track but it seems I'm alone lol, so...


Uploaded at http://mdxracing.net/mdxtracks for you ;-)

 RC_KICKS_ASS!! says: 
How do you make tracks this big, cause when I Biuld Motocross tracks I can only biuld them in a smaller space?

 lewimotox says: 
wats the password??????????

 Supercow says: 
Very nice track! where i got pictures of real track ??

 nitro1 says: 
iam starting to cry........ It feels like to ride the real track.. Its AWSOME. THX ALOTE

 peter cole says: 
i need help! i know i mite sound like a complete noob here, and i probably am lol, but when i try to save the file i dont get to play it in the game, is there a specific file i have to save to please sum1 gimme sum advice!! x

 redrider44 says: 
Could someone please tell me what to do to when the download dialog box comes up. I can't successfully download any track

 redrider44 says: 
Could someone please tell me what to do to when the download dialog box comes up. I can't successfully download any track

 redrider44 says: 
Help! it keeps saying the source file can not be read.

 6lamby9 says: 
ive downloaded the track but it wont let me play it somone help me plz

 6lamby9 says: 
email me at andylamb2003@hotmail.com if you can help me

 cody120 says: 
how do i get play it on xbox im new at this and i REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!want to play help me!!!!

 factoryhonda089 says: 
how do i play this it alwas kicks it off and say debug

 qwerty5p says: 
sick track dude exactly how it is in real life this is mike alessi althogh the taladega turn should be longer other than that it rock.

 qwerty5p says: 
oh yeah! their is no grass at glen helen what are thinking its like 120 degrees thier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Elpolloloco124 says: 
I definetly like this track. I have been to Glen Helen, and as a matter of fact im going there tomorrow. This is built very well and is pretty much exactly the same as the real track.

 mxgamer1 says: 
hey dude. i know i'm going to sound like a goon but is this only for computer or what ever and by the way i'm diggin the track. and if you know about the little whip thing that people are doin can you do that on ps2 or can you do any of this on ps2?

 dfgh says: 
that is awesome

 mxrobin says: 

 Mike83 says: 
Cool track figured I would upload and ride a few tracks because anyone online that gets a challenge gos and hides in a a user track no one ever heard of area. Thus no one to race online

 Jonathan101 says: 
Awsome Track 10/10 :D:D:D Eny One No How To Put Gear Or Bikes On Your Game Ive Downloaded The Bike I Want
But I Dont Where I Have To Put It Please HELP!! Me Thanks
Add My Msn xW3LsHxBOYx@live.co.uk
If You Add Me Tell Me Why You Added Me Thanks

 foffelmx56 says: 
how dooi get the tracks in thhe game?? please help

 duckman says: 
Mate you are a legend im from ausstralia but ive wached my cousin race ther in the moto x seeries and youv nailed that track great job can u make some replica 09 supercross tracks

 hondacrf150 says: 
hey i have a question how do i put tracks into mx vs atv

please someone answer

 rafagas says: 
Congratulations man! +10.000 downloads!

 Bødker252 says: 
looks cool thanks good job

 jpss says: 
quero glen relen

 chrispy 015 says: 
hey this is my first time being on here, and i was wondering how to get the tracks and stuff, and play them?

 412eatmyroost says: 
Dude this track is freakin SICK!!! I'm a Budds creek 'local', can you please make a Budds Replica? And to everyone who can't play the tracks... You have to download and archiver, just google Win RAR archiver and you should be able to find it. After you get the archiver and install it, you should be able to right click on the track file and extract the files. Click "extract files to..." and go into computer, then program files, then THQ, then MX vs ATV Unleashed, then data, then User Tracks. Thats how i do it and it works. Obviously then you have to do the track from "user tracks" in MVA. Hope that helps!! (BTW, some files will have to be re-downloaded. No clue why, but almost all of the ones I download are like that...)

 violent veg says: 
this track is sick make more plez

 violent veg says: 
this track is sick make more plez

 violent veg says: 
this track is sick make more plez

 SX-{SuperFly}-MX says: 

Copy and paste this link if you need help understanding how to download tracks, you got to use the Win.rar files

 Fuzzy94 says: 
I just have a question do you need a full version of mva to play these tracks?

 dungey5 says: 
how do you download it ???

 duney5 says: 
dose it work for mxs?

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community... Hey this would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... Please help this grow!

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