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moto X


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
JagMstr says...
Rough and rutted realistic nat.Thanks for Bruce (DirtTwister) helping
to get rid of the annoying gates.Rip it up!


10636 other riders have already...

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 fourtwentyADD says: 
pimp track yo!

 _XPR_HOSS_ says: 
Wow what else is there to say other than Sicko! Very realistic feel to it, takes lots of throttle control and power sliding to keep a good lap going.. It's reall ybumpy and has lots of very well made ruts.. Big thumbs up for this one..
If I had any complaint at all id like it to be wider just for closer racing, two people wide on 80% of the track leaves no room for error ..your either in a hay bale or off the cliff. Other than that I cant wait for another one.

 Garasaki says: 
Another great track from JAG!

This track really keeps you guessing. Your first lap or two is pretty rough, as many of the corners and jumps are blind and they don't always go where you expect. But after a few laps, the fast lines really start to show. Like his last track, you really have to try to string your lines together on this one. Each corner can either set you up perfectly for the next one, or put you in a very awkawrd position.

Great hills, up and down, on this one. The downhills command attention and the uphills REALLY rob the bike of speed and power. They feel very realistic.

Again, JAG makes great use of how the MvA physics handle small bumps on the track. You feel like your back wheel is hopping around all over the place on this track, just like a national track in real life. But, unlike MCM2 where such bumps would render the bike uncontrollable, the MvA bike tracks pretty straight thru most of this. Clutch use is req'd to really get the bike to rocket out of some of the corners, but preload isn't really required on this track.

All in all, a tremendous creation. I wasn't a real big fan of the dark track textures, and it really is a bit too small (narrow rather) for more then 1 bike. And the enviroment really leaves a lot to be desired. But that has a lot to do with editor deficiencies right now. So, for the disp, I'd have to give this about a 9/10, but the overall track score might be more like a 7.7/10

 Mk7Bultaco says: 
I really like the direction that Jag "Master" is going with his MVA tracks.
So far, they are providing me the most enjoyable ride and the greatest challenge.
This is a very realistic track, with generous elevation changes and enough roughness to keep you on your toes. The disp map makes great use of the natural terrain, and there are a few "gotcha" spots that will take a couple laps to learn.
Generally, I love narrow tracks that force you to be precise, but this one just borders on being a bit too narrow for great racing.
The track textures are rich and dark.....perhaps a little too dark as some of the bumps and ruts are difficult to pick out.
Lastly, given the shortcomings of the ecosystems in the game, this creator has done a great job of making a sparse environment look very believable.
Great job on this one, and thanks for the release.

 foz_se says: 
amen to the king of MVA tracks so far!! keep it up man.. real relistic feal to on this one.. love it.. also love your tex's alot! and the springs / shocks got and massive workout on this one.. LOVE IT !

 peelout_719 says: 
fun as hell.

little narrow in spots but forces you to ride it like a real track. awesome.

the downhill jump is f*#@ing sick.

two thumbs up.

 _XPR_GREEN_ says: 
excellent track. it's all been said above... keep up the great work

 VRT_Kaos says: 
This track is simply amazing ! I was ver suprised on how '' real'' feeling the ruts are on this track.Somthing u wont get with mcm thats forsure.It realy takes clutch and gas control to get a smooth one goin.My only beef is that that track is just a bit skinny for my taste. This is the work i was hoping to see for this game.Thanks for the track !

 6ril.mx says: 
one of the best MVA tracks i tried so far! i love it, i would say this is my favorite one right behind MX444 !!!
i like the way you make your track man! keep them coming! (...maybe a little bit wider)
but i def like how technical they are, with those off cambers, ruts, down hills, etc...
great work bro!!!

 _XPR_NATE_ says: 
Great track - in my opinion, this is exactly the kind of track MVA needs.
You actually have to ride SMART, not just fast. The first track that forces you to ride the bike in a realistic way.
This better not be your last!

 tff_thormx says: 
the way u can ride those ruts so cloean is killer.all the braking bumps and elivations makes this a keeper.

 rjez#227 says: 
WOW... Closest to a real track feel yet…. Need some more like this…. Excellent work
Keep them comming.

 vaughan says: 
Jesus man, FUCKING NICE. I would seriously fork out some cold hard cash for a hard drive full of tracks of this quality. Definetly the best TRUE to life ride of any track released as of now, and probably for a while. Atleast give us about 15 of these beauties!!!!!! :P

 MX45 says: 
This is now my favorite track of all time.

 VMX_krazyman821 says: 
Probably the best National track ever created....to date...would have been for MCm as well.This track is as close to a realistic ride as you could ever hope for.

 Tweek says: 
From a rider's perspective this is the best track ever made. This is the track MX vs ATV was designed to be played on. The rutted corners, the body language required... awesome. I've never played a track that felt so realistic. PLEASE make more like this.

 Kdub189 says: 
this is my fav. outdoor track so far! it is really realistic, i love hitting those ruts. but on my comp the track dirt color is extremly dark on this track, very hard to see. but its still a blast.

 UFO_Showtime says: 
This track makes MX vs. ATV Unleashed a better game!

It's amazing how the bike actually sticks into the realistic-feeling ruts. Makes it feel like you're playing a totally different game!

MotoX is challenging. Prepare to spend at least a few laps learning where to go fast and when to slow down. For those who get bored with WFO tracks, you will have a fun time figuring out the right lines on this one.

Textures are lovely, as you've surely noticed from the UI art.

If there was anything I could complain about, it's that the track is a tad bit narrow. That's a small complaint though and, really, it's all I could come up with.

All in all, a must-have. I suggest everyone put JagMstr on their 'automatic download' lists immediately. Great job...

 ants1974 says: 
awesome. One of the best tracks i have ever ridden. Just like the real thing....trust me.

 BPh Designs says: 

 MotoX says: 
ey, thas my name....

 WrathMXer says: 
how do you unpack .pak files?

 couch982 says: 
really good layout and texture ruts are sweet

 sMr_superman5 says: 
Damn... Hope there were more tracks like this... Näin Suomeksi Suomiveljelle: Perkeleen hyvä rata. :D

 JagMstr says: 
Suomiveljelle takasin: Ei ne Ameriikkalaiset ihan kaikessa ole parempia. Vaikka tääkin on ihan vasemmalla kädellä tehty kun oikeesti oon enempi näitä räärää enkä mx miehiä. Et sillee.

 Castlemusta 381 says: 
it was hard. but fun. some of the corners were tight,
while others were ruff and fast. it was hard even staying on the trak!
i did like the fact that it felt realistic. 8/10
P.S: my keyboard was all shity so i could barely ride it. : )
cant wait for good controls again : )

 GUILLE.A says: 
excellent track

 smarterjaxon says: 
awesome track man 9/10

 Cobras08 says: 
how do you do it d u click download and its comes on ure mx vs atv game when u play on it again?

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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