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Digital Erosion Training ground


Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
wingman says...
here is where Team DE goes to pound out laps and to relax .Ease the mind to figure out new jumps and rythum sections.. the 1st track opend to the public.other then to the team.....thx to 1MP for some input on a couple sections and for the sunflare that u cant see cuz the way i angled my sun.."my fault" hehe .. i put my own thunder alley.. i call it "wingalley" .. i bin makin these custum tracks cuz i had a comment that i should make my own custum tracks ather then relicas... so yah here it is try it out tell me what u think.....




13743 other riders have already...

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 wingman says: 
i for got to tell yah that is track is uncutable so plz try to find a cut....


 WeeDPiPE says: 
winger looks very nice bro run's even better. hehe sun flower season is here

 Tobz18 says: 
If some people have trouble unzipping it, try using winrar to unzip it!

 UFO_Showtime says: 
Awesome track! Easily the best use of traction maps to date. Really a perfect recreation of a dry, slippery track like Vegas.

A wide assortment of lines to choose from and some unusual obstacles (i.e. a chicane-type section, 2 consecutive bridge jumps, etc.) make this one of my favorite SX's so far.

Should be a fun one to race online too. Keep up the good work!

 FLMX_HONDA525 says: 
wingman can you do some texes like these for me???
i would really apreciate it thanks its ok if u cant though

 weiserbud says: 
your tracks are always my favorites man. thanks for the custom work too. can't wait to put some laps on 'er

ps. i think you meant to say "REPLICAS"... not relicas...kiddin

 WRI says: 
isnt track name TWAIN?

 WRI says: 
isnt track name TWAIN?

 pntra says: 
Im having trouble getting this track ive downloaded it several times today! About 5 times. it says " The winzip can not open this file; it does not appear to be a valid archive????" what do i do??????????? plz help!!!!!

 Tyler 247 says: 
Awesome track wingman!

Since you are like one of the best i would like to ask you something ..?

Could you please make this years HangTown National (2006) .. i raced there on mini day and it was a awesome track to ride so could you please?

Thanks have a good one, again awesome track

Tyler 247

 Track Edit says: 
pntra- you have to use winrar to open the file.....wingman- great track man please make the hangtown as tyler said, it is a verry fun ride..... keep up the great work

 ATA_Xtrem says: 
kick ass track man.

 pntra says: 
How do i open it with winrar win it automatically pops up in winzip???????????

 pntra says: 
This is starting to turn into one pissed off mo fo if i cant get this to work! been fooling with it all day! I "searched for the file in winrar" now im redownloading it AGAIN! like the tenth time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully ill get it one f)(((-N day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this track is shit and belongs up my bum as do u wingman

 wingman says: 
sounds like your pritty gay to me if u want me up your bum????lol and i guess your an aussy cuz only aussys say BUM lol.....maybe if you have tits and a nice or might not even have to be nice bean i could be up your ass but i guess we ll never know cuz your to scared to cum and comment with your real name... haters lol.....

your know you LOVE me,


 Mitch...71 says: 
Verry GRRREAT Track, Dude... ;o)

 Track Edit says: 
Well said Wing.....Stupid Aussy's.......

well them so called stupid aussys will shit over u gay yanks in a fight so i dunno y u said that shit cunt coz i will fuck u up anyday

 wingman says: 
i never said anything bad about aussys i got some friends.i just stated that he or she said BUM so i know he or she is from aus.. no bad intention to aussys...


 wingman says: 
i mist some words in there lol i meant i got some friends that are aussys...


 Skoot12 says: 

nice track, and its aussies by the way fucken yanks

 Skoot12 says: 

nice track, and its aussies by the way fucken yanks

 Skoot12 says: 

nice track, and its aussies by the way fucken yanks

 Tyler 247 says: 
wingman .. can you please make hangtown 2006 .. you are one of the best track makers here .. thanks tyler 247

 finland_shredder says: 
I really liked the friction map! the "thunder alley" was also great.

 _XPR_GREEN_ says: 
Recorder link:

 Fallguy104 says: 
Can someone send me a copy of the pak file for this track...I had pak file but my computer crashed so i lost it.When i download from this page...then go to open it says file missing or corrupt file... fallguy104@hotmail.com

 KingKlown says: 
wing you just upset because us aussies go so dang quick around your tracks... love your work

 TGN Racing says: 
It dosent dowload right! Can you fix that plz???

 imsonicblake says: 

 fabbe_fox says: 
Yeah dude! this layot is so sick :) its just incredible!!

 suzukiracr120 says: 
looks nice but i cant get it because my game never opens it always stops working soo if u have advice for me so that i can play this game and get all these cool skins and sick tracks

 racer says: 
man great track

 nathan21 says: 
hey bro! could you please teach me on how to put new skins on mva???

 Phil_MX95 says: 
another great track i found on this side!!!
I love the Track! one of my favĀ“s!

 marco38 says: 
sorry, how do you play this track?
Sorry for my bad english, I am italian

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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