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European MX race


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Thuxter says...
My second release for MVA. Realistic MX track, sandy, ruts, muddy, european ambience.
Its Half conversion of my old MCM2 track: MXofnationsEuropeanRace.
Hope you like this one!

This track contains friction map.



12114 other riders have already...

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 VRT_DukeDaGod says: 
Nice Look Nice

 SWEbear says: 
Very nice track. I realy liked how bumpy the track was and the flow I got into the corners. Realy nice flow overall. The ruts and the water was giving this track life. But the traction map i didn't feel much of. But i don't thing it's you traction map that is bad, i thing it my game :S. 9.5/10 from me.

Keep them coming :D

 GHeTTo_motoman23 says: 

ruff and tuff and prob the most fun track till date

tex were great
nice and hard 2 get a clean lap
lots of rythem

nice work 9/10

keep them comin

 KLocked says: 
awesome track man, and its ur second only . Very well done, it beats a lot of tracks of 'known' creators

 BPh Designs says: 
Awesome Thux, 11/10. ;-)

 wingman says: 
well thux i just had to shed a tear when riding this just becouse i remember the hundreds of laps i put on this track in mcm2 and now when i ride it im speachless great work......



 TnT_00 says: 
love the track, way better than most on here, except for a few good peeps.

 VRT_TOMATO says: 
Damn thuxter..This is great work.. A must have for all if you enjoy Nats.

 Mk7Bultaco says: 
NICE track.....a very fun ride.
I remember the MCM2 version of this track and how good it was.This one is very much the same.
I like the rough, natural feel and the European ambience. The ride quality is good, as are the textures.
What diminishes the overall experience for me is the abrupt vertical walls at the outside of the main tile......sometimes right next to the track path. This does not look or feel very natural to me. I understand why this can occur, but I wonder if a little better planning could have avoided it.
Overall, a really good job and a FINE ride.
Thanks for the release.

 SOCAL_651 says: 
wow i havnt commented a track for a while. but this is my favorite track for MVA. the jumps are perfect and i love bumpy, rutted tracks...awesome job man!

 MADDOG says: 
Very Nice Track Bro, Uve Alwayz Been A Good Creator. Keep Up The Great Work.


 Thuxter says: 

 KTM125 says: 
This is a very tough track!! That's why I love it!!

Almost every lap is different! You hit one of the many bumps differently which can be good... can be bad!!

More tracks should be like this!! Most of the tracks on here are WAY to easy..!

 jayjayktm says: 
cant wait to ride dis track lol

 179 says: 
omg awesome track! u have to pick good lines cuz its rough and u hav 2 use ur brakes in corners, wich is awesome! 10/10 man awesome job!

 dillionw1 says: 
what in the hell do i gotta do to get this game to work

 GUILLE.A says: 

 hondacrf150 says: 
how do i put the tracks in mva and how do i know wich one it is someone plz tell me

 Phil_MX95 says: 
nice Track....

 MX_Industries says: 
how did you put the water in the track???

 MX_Industries says: 
how did you put the water in the track???

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

 Sammybusta92 says: 
WOW thanks for the track its so dield kepp makilng ZIP files please

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