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Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
MX45 says...
In-game Name: 45ProMotion
Track Description Technical SX with many lines and rythms.
Lap Times: Average Lap: 1:08 Clean Lap: 1:05 Fast Lap: 1:03
Tools Used: Photoshop CS2, 3DSMax 3.1/8,Unleashed Editor V.1, Track Map Fixer by Bruce, Hex Workshop
Files Uploaded: Displacement Map, Texture Map, AI Spline, User Spline, Track Pic, Track Pak File PLEASE DO NOT RIP
Thanks: Everyone for beta testing and just running 100's of laps with me. Special thanks to VMX team, Ghetto team, KX_Rider#101, 1MP, Knate, and my lil sis 4twentee for riding way too many laps.
Comments: To tell you the truth this track is not near where I would like it to be. But I've held on to it too long, and my free time is becoming more and more limited. So, enjoy it for what it is. And if the whoops are too hard, good.


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 MX45 says: 
By the way, run the AI on 125%. They run half decent. If they beat you, you suck, but hey I tried.

 VRT_RIDEBLUE65 says: 
Wow Mike, I know have my "Dominion" for MVU!! Very nice work my friend! Love the work on the ruts, texs look nice, although MVU does distort them a bit, but not your fault,(I still think some high def MCM2 tracks look better than MVU) I love these technical SX tracks man, Great job! Timing sections are very creative here guys, use the ruts well, really shows the strenth on the MVU bikes here! I was suprised to see it uploaded here as it will only be on the main page for a day or so, so grab it NOW!! or it will be replaced by a track, then a fixed track, then all the track files etc etc (LOL, just kidding guys..) Can't wait for more
Note: the new job is paying off well!!

 Kxrider#101 says: 
Amazing track bro... best sx out so far, thx for lettn me be in the making of it

 Mikemach says: 
Wow! Incredible work on this track. I'm speachless for once. ;) The whoops are badass.

 Kosmo87 says: 
this track is very good !!!

 suesman says: 
Very nice ride man. Took me quite a few laps before I could say I liked it, but once I got there man I just wanna run it more & more. Everything about this map is sweet. Ruts, textures, jumps & those whoops are a lap killer fer sure.

I love the way it makes you ride the track & not just grab a handful of throttle & hold on. Great track & well worth the download.


 Track Edit says: 
Very nice track... Has to be the most realistic riding supercross track ever played in a game.... Ruts are great, whoops are tuff but very good. I like the layout of all the jumps, the track has a great rythmm.... Im runnin a average of 1:08 lap times, thebest ive run is 1:05 Keep em' Comin........

 RXR_Banjo says: 
dang man, what else can i say? absolutly perfect, i love everything brappppp, one of the best 3 trks made for mva forsure, GET IT IF U DONT..

im gunna run more laps cyaaa and thx for the release!

 426rider says: 
Great track. Made me feel like I was in a real SX event. I wish there were more like it. I don't have any ideas on how to make it better. Almost perfect. I will be riding this one alot.

 RXR_Banjo says: 
hey mx45... i think the extra folder that came with when we extract it CAUSE alot of .EXE error.... we're trying to figure that out but we' re having alot of EXE error online... depeds with who we're racing on ur trk....

 MX45 says: 
Hey Banjo, are you on game spy, or hamachi? Are you positive no one is running the locked bikes?
I did plenty of online play testing with no problems.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

 RXR_Banjo says: 
i was on gayspy with no locked bikes... just weird!

 suesman says: 
Could it be the "Folder"? Even if not? Don't need to be there.

 fourtwentyADD says: 

 MX_Rider_rm#46 says: 
congrats Mike, this track its simple amazing!!!!

hope future track creators should take this as a reference...


 Mk7Bultaco says: 
Clearly, this is one of the BEST supercross tracks made for this game.
The track features some killer whoop sections that are very challenging, there are some great multi-lined rhythm sections, some wheel sucking ruts, some absolutely KILLER textures and some big, long jumps (maybe too big).
I also think the track width is perfect......not too wide.
That said, inspite of all these great qualities, the track feels a little "stretched". Not everywhere, but in particular on the two triples and the finish line double. The distance on these jumps seems too long. Although I generally make them (sometimes barely) the length of these jumps doesn't feel realistic.
On a pro track (AMA) you can see guys bump in a corner, lose momentum and both still clear the triple......not here. You have to have perfect corner speed to make these. Of course, maybe I could just be a better rider too.......lol.
My only other suggestion is to use less hay bales. Visually it would be less distracting, and yet the effect would be much the same if you used 30-50% less of them.
Secondly, many guys have PC systems that struggle with the lousy frame rates of this game. These bales make it even worse when it starts to get choppy looking. Fortunately, my son's PC runs the game fine even if mine doesnt.
Anyway, thanks for the release Mike......this is a GOOD one and I hope you make more.

 VRT_DukeDaGod says: 
The Track look Pretty Sweet

 GHeTTo_motoman23 says: 



 trail_boss2 says: 
Best track yet, 9.5/10.

 viktor#4 says: 
this track is awsome

 viktor#4 says: 
this track is awsome

 GUILLE.A says: 
nice track

 Franz p says: 
did you buy photshop?

 Mateus Boechat says: 
i do 1:02
the track is very good man
a little fast and funny

 Phil_MX95 says: 
good track
i like it very much
keep youre work up!

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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