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Moving On


Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
tk_flap says...
Yo! This track differs alot from the stock MVA tracks. It is technical and requires brakes and careful timing. Also unlike the stock tracks, you dont need to max preload every hit.

This track takes awhile to get down clean, so dont rush. Its meant to be tricky.

Its an Outdoor practice supercross track, ofcourse tho it reads like a National in game (cant make SX without stadiums).

AI sucks, so race your buddies online.

Thanks to rainbow for such an awosome game. peace


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 wingman says: 
great track rides great i can tell track building will be diferant with mva just cus the bike rides diferanti m workin on a couple maps and i hope they run as good as this 1 does...



 eod_flatliner says: 
nice job :O)

 FnF_Phil_80 says: 
Wow, better ride on that !

 the_GALA says: 
looking great bro!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why in italy mva is avaible only in march!!! i want it! ehehehe

 Kazam says: 
Download it GALA, there are loads of torrents out for it :)

 vaughan says: 
Nice track. Especially in such short time the game has even been obtainable. I've downloaded everything everyone has uploaded so far, and this is the only one that shows some true track making ability. Hope to see you take it farther with future tracks. Realism is the backbone of any motocross game!!!

 Garasaki says: 
It's sort of hard to write a review for this track, since I have nothing really to compare it to. But I felt like I should say a few things about it:

I've waited a long time to finally ride a user made track on new physics…it was worth the wait. There's something about user made tracks that appeal to me over the stock tracks. They are simple, easy to pick up, but always very hard to master. This track is a great example…it was immediately fun, but I ran about 15 laps and never figured out a really fast line thru some parts, like the rhythm section.

It's a blast riding this track with the new physics. I dinged you pretty good for having easy corners on your last track, and although I don't think you changed your style much for this one, the physics of MvA makes the corners much more challenging all on its own. The jumps are good on this…I like the way that things are typically do-able without preload, but some lines open up to you if you do use preload too. So it's a real nice mix of some jumps that require preload (I couldn't do the triple without it), some jumps that are easier with preload, and some lines where you don't need it at all.

I really liked the whoop section right before the finish line. These physics are so cool in those big gnarly whoops…I got my back end swapping hardcore a few times. I also experimented with jumping the whoops rather then skimming them, and it worked about about how it would have in real life (possible, but hard to do and go fast at the same time).

One criticism…whats up with the bales on the inside line of the corner, after the whoop section after the triple?? You have to jump over them or ride between them to get to the inside of that corner. Its almost like you accidently kept adding bales where the corner starts.

So, wrapping it up, THANKS flap for making this and getting it out there quickly. It was REALLY fun to ride this. I thought you did a really good job of using some of the "new capabilities" of the physics, after hardly having any time to play with them. This is my favorite track for MvA right now :P It really is well done, and I think it's definitely a MUST download track.

 lindseyhunt1090 says: 
i cant download this file when i go to downlaod it. it says please follow the correct link through www.mcmfactory.com any segestions

 VRT_Kaos says: 
Well i love the track for the most part .Thejumps seemed real to MXATV but the only problem i have is this track laggs like a mofo for me.Almost to the point i couldnt ride it.I dunno why it would, the whole game runs smooth as hell , cept this track .dunno what it could be.But a good track non theless for a 1st MXATV release.

 suesman says: 
I'm gonna say the lag is caused by the shear amount of trees around the map. Way too many IMO.

Overall nice ride, but the lag is insane.

 tk_flap says: 
Hi! Thanks for the reviews everyone. The Lag is caused by the fact that there is no fog on this track.. an issue i didnt know about till after the realese. A fix is uploaded, get it at http://www.martinfmx.com/movingon_fog.zip

 kennedy327 says: 
This is a real fun track. I had to use the twisted dirt fog editor to ride it though. It was draging my 32mb graphics card down. Installed a 128mb card and it still lagged like hell. I d/l'd your fix, but havent tried it. good track none the less.

 Dirt Rider says: 
Flap,you makes realy awesome tracks !!!

 juun says: 
hey the link is not working :(

 xX mxFREAK Xx says: 
how can i make dirtbike tracks that arnt squared around the turn.....what program do i need thx and nice track

 KTM125 says: 
Very nice track! One of my favourite Supercross tracks I have found so far!

I have to say I didn't find it very chalenging though... I found a very fast line on my first lap..! But you are right most of the corners do require braking for (I usually square them off anyway, proper Supercross style baby!) and there is a variety of different lines and rythem sections...

Overall for my first review a 8.5/10

 Phil_MX95 says: 
OMG youre a great track maker thats obvios!

 ElSanto says: 
this is a great track but the jump are too long

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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