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polsihed piston 2 - pro's only


Category: MX vs ATV Supercross Tracks
bondsmx says...
hey guys, back with my new sx track... this is polished piston 2... i took alot of the same kind of track, from pp1... just made it ALOT thougher to get a clean lap... i was going for a east coast sx kinda feel... little rutted.. a few blown out corners... that kinda thing... and before you guys get on me for my jumps being steep... remember, this is supposed to be a pro's only kinda track... and i only use 250's in the game, so on a 500 im sure its not gonna be near as hard... one of the highlights of this track is the inside rut before a big triple.. its the one right before the under bridge... it can be tough to make five laps in a row... anyways.. i gotta give a HUGE thanks to CHYLD... man this guy was awesome, whipped me out some GREAT textures and an awesome track pic... and was realllly cool about the whole thing... so thanks again man... everyone, ENJOY b.bonds p.s. hey ellis kid... don't leave any unnecessary comments please...


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 TannerMxer182 says: 
Very well done track.

It is easy to get the rythem of the track and the lines... but to put them all together for an entire lap... woah... difficult.

Kudos on this track... keep it up...

By the way... LOVED the ruts!!!

 DARRIN70 says: 
Hey Bobby great track, very tough and technical very challenging. I can see why you named it pros only LOL

 bird830man says: 
Awesome as always. I don't even really need to play it to know that with your reputation though.

 Tjoker119 says: 
This track is pretty sick..couple things i didnt like...but its a challenge.fun track. good work.

 Tjoker119 says: 
This track looks hella sick...hopefully as sick when i go and play it right now..oh yea....

 OCR_SmoknGrn says: 
Great work*

 OCR_SmoknGrn says: 
Sweet Track man!! Keep up the chreat work!

 bondsmx says: 
i just gotta say.. we are playing this track online right now... and its a blast..!!! b.bonds

 Tyler 247 says: 
really liked the track .. only one thing ,, i didnt really like the inside lines feedin into the outsides lines .. but still a lot of fun, hard track. have a good one.

- Tyler 247

 GHeTTo_motoman23 says: 
Nice track bud

few things i noticed thow . . .

they whoopz threw the tunnel thing are a bit outragous lol

couple of the lines didnt flow in to anything

tripples were perfectly sized , ruts were well done

mabe a few of the ruts needed a little work on them.... with they little bumps u put on he outside lines it makes every1 usually go inside , alot more fun racing if every one uses in side and outside ....

overall good track and very hard too get a clean lap i think i crashed like 5 times every lap hahahaha

thanks keep them coming

 finland_shredder says: 
I really gotta tell you i love the ruts!! they're great.. keep it up!

 VRT_TOMATO says: 
This is good stuff Mr. Bonds. A challenging ride for sure.

 Craven938 says: 
Killer Frekin track man.... only thing is ... woops under bridge are a little to big, but you can find a line on them...

 yamaride19f says: 
Wow, definitly a challenging track, you have to be on your toes at all times. First of all, I love the textures, I've always loved that smoother dir look with the white lines on the side of the track. Whoops are almost to big, but at the same time I still love them because they are quite a challenge to keep your speed up. Definitly not a track for the beginner but a very very fun ride indeed. All of you reading this, download now because this track will definitly find a place on your hd for a LONG time. Looking forward to your next by the way.

 dirtrider5443 says: 
To be honest I wasnt a big fan of polished piston one but this one was amazing. Took a lot of laps to get a rhythm going but it was rewarding to finally get it down. Great track a must download

 91LT250R says: 
I like the track except for the canyon-deep whoops under the bridge. I hate them and think that they're stupid because they're so realistic. I only raced this track with an ATV and they were impossible to take with any kind of speed.

 _Dobe539_ says: 
lol the whoops under the tunnel is the best thing about the track!!!

just got mx vs atv... best track sofar.

might not look as pretty as some of the other faggets that make tracks, but it acutally rides like a real track, hard, etc..... well i think so...

awesome job.

 EOD_Sandman says: 
Killer track for sure, not much to say that has not already been said..........one thing though, bail your track, I see all these newbies getn torn apart for not bailing, but nobody says anything to the recognized guys. This track would be that much better if it had tuff blocks end to end.

 crashnburn11 says: 
great track bobby. it was hella fun and challenging. the only thing i didnt like was how big the scale was. they would have had to bring a whole lotta dirt in for this one.

 Tyler 247 says: 
i dont know about you or anyone else but my fastest was a 1:26 ..

- Tyler 247

 dennisjononmx says: 
bobbbbbby! long time no talk bro. sick track , but dont listen to dobe539...because he really isnt that good at the game...the end.

 LosCyco says: 
I'm not an SX fan by any means, but this track is fun as hell! The deep whoop section is my favorite part of the track.

 Kdub189 says: 
this track is great! my fav track so far. Keep it up...

 M.ENGEL#58 says: 
omg bad track
bad woops man
the other users say to me my tracks are bad but what is that fucking shit is that idiot

 Atte96 says: 
awesome track the whoop sections were great. 9/10 keep it up. How do you make those bridges?

 Castlemusta 381 says: 
it was chalenging. ruts were good, good textures, jumps were huge. i was a bit disopointed with the rollers under the 2 tables. good work.

 motoman575 says: 
i actually like the fact that there are no tuff blocks. y do u guys care so much about tuff blocks. are u worried ur rider is going to crash and injure himself if there are no tuff blocks for him to fall on? i think when there are too many they just get in the way

 mxbullet121 says: 
I love the table top!

 adhkcrhonda says: 
awesome track man this is the first track i have downloaded form mcm and i am impressed

 yzboy417 says: 
one of the best tracks iv ever rode on mva unleashed...

 mx maker says: 
good lines but i think u need to make a better flow theres no rythem to the track but if u find the right lines u can put down some good laps. make more PEACE OUT

 bauer79 says: 
can someone please tell me how to get the track download from winrar to the game to play? thank you for any help

 bauer79 says: 
nevermind sweet track dude

 pancake whip says: 
fuck man that track is un real the jumps are to steaps

 Honda driver#12 says: 
I have a time of 1:34:21

 SX-{SuperFly}-MX says: 
this is as real as it gets man.

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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