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LIEROP Grand Prix


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Thuxter says...
Here is my first track for mx vs atv unleashed.
Replica track, flat, sandy and deep ruts.
This is MCM2 Conversion but dispmap is edited for MVA!

Video of Lierop.. check it out.


10980 other riders have already...

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 BPh Designs says: 
Woot Woot Thux, what a PERFECT creation, its a real pleasure to ride it with MVA.
The best rutted track ever. Congrats.

 FnF_greg0 says: 
nice track
good job thux !!!!!!!

 myvice says: 
Thuxter, thanks for your time and work.
I'm sure this is a good one that myself a lot more people would have enjoyed if the 30 cap issue on mva were fixed.

Suprized tho, you did not remake your fabulous MCM2 "Motocross of Nations European Race" for mva first, with a total of 1269 downloads, dam* what a FINE piece of Artwork that one was.

Oh ya, I see the REAL PHIL is back, welcome back Phil..

 Nystrom says: 
Congrats on the first national replica (i think, if im wrong am sorry)! Really fun on MVA to!

 YBS_Mike says: 
Very nice work here man. Great track!

 Chopper731 says: 
Wow, I feel like I just got done with a moto at Lake Whitney! Excellent work!

I only rode 2, 5 lap motos but my best lap time was a 1:17:21... whats everyone else comin up with?

 ___ says: 
That will kill MCM2 for ever... Great job Thux and thanks.

 Tobz18 says: 
Dude, when the idea of custom tracks came out for mva. One of the first tracks that i wished to be replicated was your version of this wonderful track.

Thank you for releasing this, it certainly a difference from the other bulshit thats being uploaded at the moment. People like you keep mcmfactory dangling in existence, thanks once again.

 Dirt Rider says: 
Sorry ___ , but you are idiot !!!

 ChYLd says: 
my next track will have absolutly no whoops you have enough on this bad boy for the both of us thux.

ran 5 laps , fastest i hit was a 112 on a 250. good track. a must have.

 finland_shredder says: 
Oh so great track! when I rode down the start straight first time i felt that this is a good track!! love the whoops and the realism... but i think you could've opened it up a little bit in some places. like in front and after the "step up", and i also would've liked to see the BIG tabletop shown in the video.. well it was there but it didn't feel very big. well props for the ruts and curves!

bye// erik

 Moto981 says: 
Awesome track man, thanks for uploadin'

 ONyX says: 
Nice job, man I hope there wearin kidney belts, lol. Im new to makin tracks with MVA how do you get those trees and shrubs, all i can get is the crap that came with the editor.

 AMA_RaceX says: 
When I played this track for mcm2 i was thinking it would be awesome with the MVA physics. Now it's there. one word. AWESOME

 Thuxter says: 
Thanks for comments! ;)

 Missy_X says: 
Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love this track but after seeing the mcm2 version i somehow expected more out of it for mva. Would of been alot better imho with muddy traction and water in the ruts and stuff .. Maybe an idea for a Special Edition ? Anyway, great track !

 motomx64 says: 
great track, lots of fun!

 RMZ250Racing282 says: 
incredible track!! all i have left to say... MAKE MORE LIKE THIS!!!! roughest track yet... best i ever played... keep goin with it...

 GHeTTo_BudKang says: 
Very nice track makes me feel like im out there riding in real life. Nice texs and ruts and overall placement of objects.


 BPh Designs says: 

 {MXW}Larocco says: 
ya great track dude. been twice on that track. but im wondering last time u were there was there a havy rain or what i don't remember it so bumpy

 engstjn says: 
best lap time : 1:16.09

 engstjn says: 
this is "The Best" motocross track by far. I wish all tracks had the same feel and realism as this one does. Great job 10/10

 engstjn says: 
is it me, or does every other track out there not feel real enough? i'm sorry but this track so damn good. keep it up!

 bono36 says: 
hi ben je nederlands

 Jonathan Vardstedt says: 
The track is right funny. I give it 6/10.

 GUILLE.A says: 
rating 8.5/10

 Rubiecross says: 
Thux can you make gp of valkenswaard plzzz

 Thuxter says: 
Thanks for comments. Glad someone like it. I dont create tracks anymore. I still play mcm2 sometimes :)

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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