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Green Valley 2


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Green_Rider says...
Hey! Here is my first track for MVA. A conversion of my mcm2 Green Valley 2. I think it works pretty good in MVA. Download and drop some comments.


10553 other riders have already...

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 pcs800 says: 
Yep, this is probably the most fun track for MVA I have downloaded so far.
But i have to say (again) this game is not as fun as mcm2 was. At 125%, the AI has yet to give me any kind of challenge on any user made track, so riding alone makes it boring. The track map is always off in left field somewhere and is useless. I hope someone comes out with some patches for this game, it is certainly a disapointment so far.

 foz_se says: 
DUDE :D this is like AWESOME (ok time to stop using capslock lol.) anyways, this was like my alltime favorite mcm2 track, i remember playing this baby for hours and hours all over again, gonna try it out right now and come back with an real review on this little baby, thanks alot man!

 foz_se says: 
GO DOWNLOAD THIS EVERYONE! top notch right here! green has put togheter one of the best track this game has seen yet! top3 track for sure, keep em comming man!
9.9 / 10

 ATA_BLACKE19 says: 
Nice Track,Green_Rider

 NorCalRacer105 says: 
First off really good track, it turned out really well. I really liked all the texts and the inside ruts were perfect. Personally i liked it better in MCM2, for me it just didnt seem to flow nearly as well in this game. The 250s just kept on overclearing everything. It rides much better on 125's

The only complaint i had was the start... While waitin for the gate to drop i kept on rolling into the gate since its on a hill and bumping me back. Other than that good work.

 oil says: 
WOW! I hated this track for mcm2 because mcm2's physics cant handle these type of track's but with mva it was a blast to ride good job.

 _XPR_GREEN_ says: 
Wow man...work of art.

 honda-3 says: 
you over shoot cause you dont know how to use a brake.

the track is very fun and unique i love the stepups, and the one jump near the end after a single/table where you can scrub it

cant wait for your next track

 NorCalRacer105 says: 
All i meant by my comment is that i felt it rides better on 125's, but thats just me.

 Knate says: 
i loved this track, good work. make a green valley 3 now

 UFO_Showtime says: 
EXCELLENT work, Green Rider! I love everything about this track.

The only thing I can complain about is that the color of the perimeter textures is a couple shades darker than the off-track textures.

Go ahead and read that again because, seriously, that's my only complaint. This track is THAT good!

A must-have. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

 _XPR_NATE_ says: 
Green said it right, WOW.
Great track - has everything thrown in there, and still manages to flow all the way through.

 LosCyco says: 
Awesome track! Rides the best out of all the custom tracks out, fun as hell online!

 willy734 says: 
Hey dude, nationals are not suppose to be like a supercross track. It needs to faster and long sweepy corners.

 Clutch says: 
it dont get much better than this atm. Great stuff Green.

 Toowanbee says: 
Very very nice.

 Nathan_343 says: 
dude amazing .. Just simply amazing U should try making some of the AMA pro tracks like RED BUD or high point and even glen helen Bud if u mess up larocco's leap ima go apes*** on u...lol

 BPh Designs says: 

 {MXW}Larocco says: 
ya the best track i saw for now

 Nitro198 says: 
This is the funest track i ever ride. Itīs Really proffesional made. Thx 4 this Track. :)

 DM 643 says: 
Great track...

 xxxracer15 says: 
one of the best...

 lukinhas21 says: 
how can I whip in mx vs ATV Unleashed demo? plxx =/

 27c says: 
green rider would u dis me if i made the minimap for this track and then posted it ill give u all the credit except for the minimap

 27c says: 
nevermind i cant make the minimap

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

 redmanrider1488 says: 
great track. Well done

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