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AMA Glen Helen National 2008 (Replica)


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
Motoboss. says...
This track is a based on replica of the 2008 layout and what I mean by “based on” is that I was limited to what I could do as far as making the track exact, do to size limitations in the editor. (With the terrain scale set at 9 the track takes up the entire tile) so some of the corners are different but I’m confident that I have done what I have set out to do and that is making the track feel like your actually racing at Glen Helen (Thanks to the help of extremely talented friends) Nothing is perfect and there are always critics Everyone has there own interpretation of how a track should be…. “This is mine”… Alot of decisions were made for best results for online play. Track took 3 months to complete.
I guess Ill explain a couple reasons why I decided to make Glen Helen “So here goes” The AMA Nationals are the most memorable tracks in Motocross , I started thinking about it and realized” That’s what MVA is missing” Also the MGF Community has giving me so much that I wanted to give something back in return. If you haven’t checked our community out yet I really urge you to stop by. __________________________________________________________
Special Thanks To:

- Wingman – Your Textures are beautiful as always and I really appreciate all the hard work that you’ve done for me. You are definitely gifted man.

-Albert65 - Your objects are amazing. With all your help you’ve made this track something special for everyone to enjoy.

-FactoryBR – I really appreciate all you’ve done and getting me through a lot of stress full times.

-DBK1990 – (Beta Tester) DBK has actually ridden the 2008 layout at Glen Helen. His approval on the track was very important.

-Wakestyle- Your objects are one of a kind. Thanks for sharing

-Thanks to all the Creators that make there work available for public use
_________________________________________________________ Special Features:

-Track is made for Sim Physics
-Replica Textures- made by Wingman
-Albert65s reskined objects - especially made for Glen Helen
-Traction Map - by Wingman
-Sun flare - (All Multi ex work done by albert65)
-Crowd Sounds -
-Realistic dust - Goes great with yzmer608’s dust mod.

Let’s go racing guys


9720 other riders have already...

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 sukka65 says: 
what the track name in the game ?

 Dre420 says: 
textures 10/10 -as all wingy textures are
objects 8/10 -allthough the objects are well placed i find the textures look to colorfull or there just to clean for such a track and just dont look right imo
disp 10/10 - not having seen glenhelen in the flesh or on tv i would expect the disp is as close to the real thing as it can be - yet i find replica tracks boring for this game and only did 3laps b4 i got bored of it..thats just me tho

all in all a great replica for those who like replicas good job guys

PS... and HDoverlay would have made it look alot better imo -

my two pennys worth

 ryanhall946 says: 
thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much best ever this will go down in the history books of mx vs atv and watch this go to the top 10 on mcm factory i bet u well done

 ATA_Xtrem says: 
Well after 5 laps i have this to say.... WOW. Great track and even better replica and i really love the textures. I run stock pro phys and after 3 laps managed a 1.50.xx but i have no idea what that would be like on sim phys. rough and choppy is what you can expect from this badboy. Has that "real track" smell too ....

One thing i would have liked was better A.I. It would have been fun to race some fast A.I. on this track. I think Blacklodge would have been a good person to help with this as most of his tracks have great A.I. skill. I think you have released a few with the A.I. cranked but i cant remember. Love the track.. just boring racing it alone. 10/10

 mxf_ch_remi_62 says: 
best track of MVA !! great job ! enjoy !!!! :))))))

 incubus says: 
best track ever !!!!
can u built the mx1 track from dublin? i saw it in tv and i mean that it is a nice track for mva ;)

 Motoboss. says: 
Watch UFU Showtimes INSANE video of the track here http://www.motocrossgamingforums.com/index.php?showtopic=1616&view=getnewpost
Thanks so much man
The Video is Unbelievable

 sam-brinkley says: 
Man why u ripping my track

Only joking

I can never make a track like this awesome
Man wicked

Wickedest In the whole wide world :P :P Motoboss I have been waiting on msn to tell me that the track is out and wen i come on bam u send me a link :O

Awesomist Job Everr

But man were am i on ur THANX

Thanx to




Well done Dude

Sam Here :)

Lol talk to u on msn NOW

bye .....


 quadrider93 says: 
freakin amazing! mad i cant ride the real thing but hey atleast i can ride it for mva haha. definatly a keeper in my usertracks folder.


 Honda Rider 984 says: 
Hey man this a great track. Every lap i found a faster line through each section. I give it a 10/10 for sure.

 Dirtbikekid1990 says: 
Motoboss you already know i love this track, i have ever sine that first beta.....it ides really close to how the track did in real life :) awesome creation, the objects and textures compliment the disp map pefectly!!!! Great job man, glad i could help you out :)


Fastest lap (so far) 1:09.89

 the_GALA says: 
i know that make a replica track it's really hard specially for a nationals track like glen helen.

the track it's incredible funny, the atmosphere look like the real one, i'm really impressed during the play, great work man!

objects remember me the old mcm2 tracks lol with low textures, but don't warry, work perfectly

track texture's are ok, a bit simple, I would have preferred a few more tyre line, also if understand that is sand.

Finally. displacement maps as i've says at first, isn't perfect but give the sensation to be into glen helen end it recalls that i've seen on tv much times..

well done bro i give u 98\110

thanks to keep alive that game


 MX_Rider_rm#46 says: 
Motoboss im really impressed with your work... u know i love simulation and i was thinking in tracks like this when i did sim... thx a million, this is the sweetest replica you brought to our community...
and thx to all the guys that helped u to bring this to life!!!

just hope it can reach the top of dwls...

 Jeff mx says: 
OMG this is the best replica track ever made to date . 10/10 of course on everything.

can u please, please make a repilica of WASHOUGAL MX park. that would truly be a dream come true for me.

 Factoryphoto.com says: 
First off before I say anything this is a really fun track very well put together and the fun factor is 10/10. As far as replica goes id give it a 7/10. The uphills in the beginning are spot on for the most part but after the step up triple it is pretty far off the actual 08 track. Dont get me wrong I like it how is but as far as being a replica about 1/2 of it is. I shot phots on this track and walked every inch of it 3 days straight. If you were going off watching on TV i give you big props for what you came up with. After the huge step up it wwas more downhill then a small whoop section before a right hander leading up to the REM hill drop off table.. Then section leading to and after the finish is off .. Im not a track maker so I dont know if you ran out of space or what. Like I said this track is super fun and replicas are really hard to match ive hardly ever seen one since mcm days come out exact. If you ever need help testing these replicas let me know ive been to them all pretty much and could help you out with layout questions and overall ride. Thanks for the track it is really fun hope to see more from you.

 sxcory says: 
What a great track Motoboss. You're improving on every track you make. The only disappointment on the track was Talledega sweeper. Didn't seem as amazing as usual but everything else you did made me overlook that one little blunder. Wingman with the incredible textures. The ruts, braking bumps etc. etc. were all great. Keep em coming dude great job.


 Motoboss. says: 
Thank you Every One for your comments I am really glad you like it
Mx Rider wow you aproved on this track you are a hard man to please lol Thanks
Factory Photo yes evrey thing that went into this track was off videos I must have watched 5 different ones at least 100 times apiece and as I said in the beginning of my post this is a based on replica which means Man hands were tied on some things to get it all to come out right I had to be very creative to get this to work
like I said my main goal was to Give people the feeling they were actually racing at Glen Helen .Hope you can under stand and ill look you up for my next track


 Factoryphoto.com says: 
Motoboss "if I understand" dude this track is outstanding man I love it. I reread your track post and ya I see what you said now ahh must be my old age :)
I love any AMA track and this one is one of the best ones IMO. Thanks again for a great track and id be happy to help anyway I can with photos or something and test ride .

 Factoryphoto.com says: 
Motoboss "if I understand" dude this track is outstanding man I love it. I reread your track post and ya I see what you said now ahh must be my old age :)
I love any AMA track and this one is one of the best ones IMO. Thanks again for a great track and id be happy to help anyway I can with photos or something and test ride .

Hey, will this work for mx vs atv track editor?

 devindavis410 says: 
this track is crap

 mike154owen says: 
What an inspirational speech.

Awsome track 9/10
it wasnt perfect but no tracks are! espachally a replica.

love it so much i really hope you do another track

 GIVA007 says: 
devindavis shut your filthy mouth you jealous hater,
your tracks are absolutely crap.

 OTHG_Gospelboy2 says: 
This track is simply amazing ! What more can I say .The track looks , feels and runs absolutely fantastic in the game .You know there was a great series of ama tracks for the older mcm2 game that were well loved. I would really like to see that done for this game. Back to this track now - I have 7 CDs worth of MVA tracks and in my opinion this one is amongst the top 10.

 devindavis410 says: 

this is a poor replica
its not even a fun track as it is
sorry, but good effort atleast.

 787 says: 
its ok dont listen to devin aka otter the kids a herb and an attention whore. hes just some dumb 14 or 15 year old lookin for a rise out of everyone. if he knew how much time and effort went into this he would of kept his mouth shut or offered some constructive advise. tracks sick man u just inspired me to star makin tracks again.

 nt816nt says: 
not sure how many days this has been out but when a track is still on the front page (has to be less than a week) and has over 900 dls, thats saying something...

 Kawasakis says: 
put more peoples in track , that whould be more realistic..

 Motoboss. says: 
Get Sim Physics here - http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=mva_tracks&id=2151
Thanks to Mx Rider for making them ,If it wasnt for them This track would have never been possible for me to fit on 1 tile


 RalleMx says: 
Track name is Glenhelen2008 ingame I THINK.
I didnt really like rough tracks at all before this came..I tried it and was like eh whatever..And then when I tried it again I just loved it :) Its hard to go fast, but its really fun..:)

 KawiRacer78 says: 
where can i get sim physics?

 27c says: 
hes a ripper. im pretty sure this track is made by gospelboy24/7

 Motoboss. says: 
Your an Idiot ....lol

You can find Sim Physics on MX HQs website


 nathan21 says: 
stop all that crap. beat my time here 2.30...anyone???

 max1633 says: 
motoboss est ce que tu peu prendre mon msn stp


merci de me rentrer

 neutrenoucos says: 
the best rider here is me lol
not to sound cocky but i did 2:03:43 as best and won the makita tourney on this track by 40 sec advantage, of DBK1990.
atention, DBK1990 wups my ass, just not on nationals
he laped me at st louis 09.
Fav track, MB 10/10

 Motoboss. says: 

 Motoboss. says: 

 Motoboss. says: 

 Motoboss. says: 
[url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGh7zvhGMr4[/url]

 Motoboss. says: 

 SX-{SuperFly}-MX says: 
The Textures dont really look like real life, at GH there are some try spots, and sand sectoins, but the roughness of the track is real life

 dritter says: 

 LatvijaMx says: 
Very, very nice track,. i love it.,
good job. ;)

 arch says: 
can you please make one for hawkstone park

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

 bwinsel1428 says: 
can you make me a flattrack

 bwinsel1428 says: 
can you make me a flattrack

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