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SIM PHYSICS II (scrubbing...)


Category: MX vs ATV Freestyle Tracks
MX_Rider_rm#46 says...
simphysics II it's the latest update on sim physics, to use it u need to erase old $SIM_Phy.pak inside MVA Data folder
and replace it by the new one ($SIM_Phy_II.pak)!
this time u will have old sim physics on race selection and new sim physics pro in pro selection... simphysics pro it's
basically the same sim physics, but with less grip on rear tire... you will find a new challenge to control the bike and more fun, once u find that's easy to scrub...

all the bikes (except 500cc's) and atv's are using this feature!

instructions how to use:
put $SIM_Phy_II.pak and $no_mud.pak files inside DATA folder (C:\Program Files\THQ\MX vs ATV Unleashed\data) and
MXvsATV_SIM.exe file inside mx vs atv folder (C:\Program Files\THQ\MX vs ATV Unleashed).
Click mxvsatv_sim.exe to run the game!

once again big thanks to SHANO for the support... Shadow, for beta testing and Rainbow Studios for
creating this game...

special notes: make sure you have a original copy of mva, $no_mud.pak it´s a file released by suzuki98 to fix the grey dirt...
and you do not need to use mxvsatv_sim.exe if your game isn't updated to v 1.01!

below are 2 gameplay vids of mva when using this physics:



have fun!!!



11352 other riders have already...

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 262 says: 
Love it man great job!!
Like being able to get the front wheel up again.

 Alex973 says: 
Wow mx rider with this last work you reached a really impressive level of simulation.
All is really perfect,funny and again more real,you did another masterpiece for this game, thx and thx again for your work amico mio ;-)

 sxcory says: 
Awesome job MXrider. No more floating. lol. I love it.

 mxryan195 says: 
WOW!!! love it! thnx mxrider! best physics ever for the game!

 Danke KTM says: 
youre physics are siiiiiiiick!!!!

tell me how you can do it

 MX_Rider_rm#46 says: 
than u all for your comments...

hey Danke_KTM, i guess its because i still ride for real... and did many mx races on my youth!!!! ;)

one more thing, thank you for your support on creating tracks for it... your toronto 2008 it's quite good i just wish u could do alot more sx replicas with that same scales, widht and heights!!!

 Danke KTM says: 
yeh mx rider i have finished my seattle sx2008 (jumping and texture style like toronto, for sim physics yeah
i need you for beta tester if you want


keep youre physics comming ;)

 blackfiddy says: 
Hey where can i find the Multi Ex commander?? help me please!

 adhkcrhonda says: 
how do i delete these so i have sim physics in the pro thing and the original race physics in the race selection

 brody150r says: 
hey man how do u get this to work its not working it says sum blink32 wasnt foind

 Natemx says: 
Why arnt the 500's in this?

 Natemx says: 
Why arnt the 500's in this?

 Mike83 says: 
Haven t tried it yet, kinda iffy. because I found a few ays to scrub on normal physics. Maye nto as good, But I do have a old vid somewhere on youtube when I had the PS2 version then. I do a scrub in one part, with normal physics. But I do want to try something that's more tough in the corners and whoops.

Aghh the vid


No spaces

Would love to see a toned down more realistic jump and speed and casing jumps physics engine.

 xxsbslayerxx says: 
in the game will the physics options be named sim physics or still race and pro? thanks

 mx774life says: 
My game wont even load the tracks rite...now it never loads and if i exit it a thing sas the phicics have ben curupted and i need to replace them with the cd....how can i fix this??

 transam00 says: 
Would the creator of sim physics II mind if I put the files on my new webiste that I am making? I need some things to start off with (physics, tracks, skins, etc.) I am creating a new MVA site to upload and download tracks, tricks, physics, etc. please email me and let me know. transam_00@sbcglobal.net

 mxmika says: 
is this REV?
i only want to know what REV means

 Fallguy104 says: 
FYI..REV is a mod pak for Mx Vs Atv Unleashed.Has new rider and bike skins..Download at mxghq website

 Phil_MX95 says: 
what are the diffrents of scrubbing in this physic and in the standart one????
i cant see any "scrubbing" diffrents between these 2 physics ? :(

 GIVA007 says: 
here is the link for the latest MX_Rider's physics for mva:


 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

 marsterb8 says: 
i doesnt work on my pc ......when i go to do a race it goes to the loading screen but does nothing and a warning thing comes up and the game shuts down .... help??

i dont know if my game in 1.01 or whatever ...how do i check??

 Chumbuster says: 
Does this work for Mx vs Atv Reflex?

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