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The Training Facility 2 (Mx Simulator)


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
hondamx1992 says...
yea mx simulator track... post comments


830 other riders have already...

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 hondamx1992 says: 
y have my dowloads been banned!??

 fredde says: 
whyy? this game is so funny,? is it something wrong with that?

 fredde says: 
whyy? this game is so funny,? is it something wrong with that?

 Creiz says: 
How come the ten daily shitty tracks uploaders, donīt get banned? Or the guys who just uploads a pic, and ask if someone can make the gear or track?

 motomike122 says: 
That is total BULL. Fix this right now. This guy builds great tracks, not like most of the crap that is let on. There should a moderator preview of all tracks. The mod should weed tru the crap and only let worthy tracks on....DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

 hondamx1992 says: 
I actually bought the mx vs atv unleashed computer version last year and it didnt work on my comp because of the graphics card... now i dont know about all of u out there but racing motocross is expensive enough i wasnt about to drop 200 dollars just to play a sweet game.... but i do have some great track ideas. thats y im posting tracks for mx sim because i love making tracks but its the only thing that works.... i also bought mcm2 but i cant find armadillo anywhere i found one but it was corrupted... so if anyone can help me out with mcm2 it would be apreciated

 DesertRider says: 
Hit Me Up on yahoo man, I:ll help You out. Rocknyou3000@yahoo.com

 DesertRider says: 
Honda Hit Me up on yahoo again,

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