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WEC (enduro)


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
albertsx65 says...
first thx to all the guys that with tutorials ,tips , and various free program make me enjoy making tracks , thx also to xentax that for only 10 bucks give us a beautiful program as multiex commander.This is my first time i'm using it and i hope had done all right.about the track as in "Hell's Castle" forgot the AI choose opponent none (so the game flow better) and try to do your best time lap as an enduro race (mine is 5'23" stock physic pro).
I hope you like, enjoy!


1473 other riders have already...

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 sl says: 
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!very great track!!!

 sl says: 
enduro its very great

 tyler199 says: 
nice track man

 smetseverts says: 
second round and still surpirse, lager track more difficulties , lap huger, watersplash, dismap excllent

like the hillclimb of the waterfall, tricky part with rocks, and water, u can't go full gaz, cause its bumpy, in some part of water, lost some time my way in the forest part, some fun with the small bridge

overall 8/10

watch may be a real stage of wec u ll see some intersting track
what u do can be compare in the wec with the EXTREME TEST stage, but also nice to make is cross test , part of real bumpy tack with natural fast jump and some tricky part into the forest
i ll tell u more on mgf soon, if u want


 albertsx65 says: 
TRY THIS WITH CAFFEINE II ........ too much fun ....... !!!!!!!!!!

 albertsx65 says: 
the newest sim physic works great to !!

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