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MX 224


Category: MX vs ATV National Tracks
JagMstr says...
Rough and rutted realistic nat.Thanks for Bruce (DirtTwister) helping
with objects.Rip it up!


9064 other riders have already...

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 wisemx596 says: 
OMG! Jag great work! This is the best track made to date for MVA hands down. Love the ruts and layout is challenging. Textures are perfect. Keep them coming. Everyone this is a MUST HAVE, PERIOD. DL now!

 _XPR_HOSS_ says: 
Another masterpiece by jag.. This is a little more wide open than "motox" but holy shnikeys this track is fun.. Your ruts are the best in the game period, they let you settle in and enjoy the ride through just like real life. It takes some skill to really hit the inside ruts .. The jumps are perfect does not even take preload if you are cornering right. Its seems you made this one a bit wider than your others so it will make for even closer racing .. Keep up the good work your tracks are as close to realistic as they come (so far) and look forward always to more of them. Thanks alot job well done

 DARRIN70 says: 
Hey man excellent track, I would like to see you make a SX TRACK with the ruts aswell that would be cool.Keep them coming

 DARRIN70 says: 
Wow I ride only SX, and I can't believe how much fun your outdoor tracks are, I think these tracks are going to be great in a series.KEEP THEM COMING

 T-Bone 247 says: 
Hey dude i hella want to download your track, it looks hella sick. But it is a "rar. file" and it won't let me ride it. I can only ride the PAK. files. Why is that? Help me out because both of your tracks look F***in SICK!

 foz_se says: 
T-bone wtf are you talking about? rar = winrar.. its the same as winzip.. ever used it? haha lol ^^
any ways.. sweet ass track as usual jäger! i have fallin in love with your tracks IMO. keep em comming for sure! love the rutted nat's they are the best ;)

 VMX_PanicRev says: 
Here's a link to get winrar T-Bone

And Foz, if you're gonna take the time to insult the guy at least help him out with a link.

Haven't ridden the track yet, downloading now.

 vaughan says: 
BRAVO, Another masterpiece man, just when I was starting to get bored with the game, for lack of better tracks....and after over 100,000 laps on MotoX your last track, wich I must say was the only track I've truly enjoyed until now, I HAVE TWO TRACKS TO RIP SHITS ON. Right on man, I said it before and I'll say it again, these tracks are worth cash man, someone should be paying you for your work!!!!!!! possibly rainbow/THQ because they sure the hell don't know how to make a track thats realistic. As someone else mentioned I dream of a day you release a supercross, and pray at night that you keep these sumbitches coming.

 Moto981 says: 
It's not working for me, when i hit "retrieve file", it just brings up the page with all the crazy letter things. I'm bummed though cuz it looks like a really fun track.

 Kasberg187 says: 
is there any way you could post this as a .pak or zip it up? i don't have winrar (i think that's what it's called) so i can't play it. i wanted motox too, but had the same problem. the tracks look great and i'd like to try them out.

 Kasberg187 says: 
ok, couldn't delete my last comment, but i just d/l winrar from the post above mine. sorry...track's awesome, make more, you're cool. :)

 Moto981 says: 
I just downloaded it, is there anything else i need to do, cuz it still wont work?

 Moto981 says: 
Hey I downloaded WinRAR and now it's just messin with other things on my computer, how do I get ride of it? Thanks.

 tff_thormx says: 
another killer ride dude the elivation is so fun the up hill doubles i also really like the doubles u have to whip it to land on the down side of the next one. the rutts really hold u well and the hole lay out is just real fun keep it up man liked this one alot.

 V_Muskaman says: 
I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can't make a more advanced physics engine without making more advanced tracks to bring out its qualities. Rainbow's tracks don't do it. 90% of the new user created tracks don't.

Jag, yours definitely do. I'm pretty sick of ripping around wide WFO tracks that might have worked for mcm2, knowing that your tracks are sitting on my HD. Really fun track man.Keep them coming, and keep it real.

 Mikemach says: 
Someone please contact Rainbow Studio's This guy is the next person to get a job. Your work is amazing my friend! I can tell you might have been on a track a few times correct me if I'm wrong but it just shows in you're work. The way this track is thought out and the textures even though dark are cool as hell. I felt like I was riding on some hard packed wet clay for some reason. Killer work once again and this one tops the others by far. It's a shame this track will be off the front page in a day or so from the other pieces of poopoo being uploaded every ten minutes. This guy by far is the best Creator out there right now on this editor. Props and a bow to you once again my friend.

 darren says: 
can someone ,please tell me were to extract the nats. and sx files?and yes i have the game ,,,thnx

 Garasaki says: 
No, JAG, please don't go to Rainbow. They'll enforce their corporate track making policy's on you, requiring your tracks be n00b friendly, and they'll totally ruin you. Keep going on your own, you are the rogue genius of trackmaking!

Ok, on to my review: Let me start with the following statement:

This is the best video game motocross track I've ever played. Its downright amazing. It's so demanding, but so fun, line selection is so key, and the bumps and ruts are again in a class of their own.

But, I've spent my last 4 reviews of your tracks telling you how each individual track has earned a spot right at the top of my list. I'm not going to continue that here. Rather, I'm going to tell you how I think this track could be improved. (big surprise, very few of the following comments affect the ride of the track)

This track does not look like it is a national track. Rather, it looks like a supercross designed to ride like a national. What I mean is, it looks like a flat piece of land where someone hauled in millions of truckloads of dirt to make the track path. There's some parts where it looks OK, the big uphill/downhill area, but the more flat area looks totally contrived. So blend the track into the terrain better (and vice versa).

Point 2, which is really just an extension of point 1, is why not blend some of your jump edges down a bit. Where I really noticed this, was on the first tabletop on the track (in the track pic, right under the 22 part). Not only is it not blending on the start straight side, but on the opposite side, where it is RIGHT next to another jump, it's not blended into the other jump. Rather, you created a canyon that's like 2 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Why not just blend the terrain together?!!

Point 3, an extension of points 1 and 2, why make the perimeter tile so flat? One your last track and on this one, there are certain corners that the rider overshoots like 90% of the time (at least, when I am the rider). Ok, that's fine, it's challenging. But then you put them really high, and right next to the perimeter tile, which is really low…so when you overshoot them, you fall off a freaking cliff. REALLY annoying. REALLY pointless. Hows about bringing that perimeter tile up a bit to help us out there? I know it can be a bit of a PIA to try to match the perimeter tiles, but you owe it to these tracks to go thru that to make them the best they can be.

Ok, onto a difference subject. The big ole downhill dropoff jump, man I crashed that thing all the time. Even when I appeared to land it perfectly. That was sort of a bummer, lap after lap. I don't know that there's anything you could do as the creator (probably a bit of a weird spot in the physics) but it was annoying as heck.

Your start straights…kinda…suck. Whats with the obviously computer generated rolling hills? The rest of the track is rough as hell, but the start straight is smooth, or at worst has a lot of small bumps (however much props to the braking bumps in the corner). I don't know if this is really saying much, but the start straight was definitely my least favorite part of the track. Also, how bout putting the finish gate somewhere else, like somewhere you might expect it to be in real life? The tabletop on the next straight running opposite the start seems like a logical place.

The textures…I like em, but is it just me or are they the same as the last track? I guess if it aint broke don't fix it, but since I run 90% of my laps in this game on your tracks, it'd be nice to have some variety.

Ok, I'll wrap it up there. Overall rating on this track is like 9.8/10.

Jag, the thing is, I know you could still step it up a notch.

Your technical production of displacement maps is amazing. You could improve your overall design a bit. And your enviroments could take a big step up (but I know your limited by the editor there right now). So keep em coming, and show us what you can REALLY do.

 EuroPete says: 
I'm blown away. This track is fucking awesome. Takes a few runs to get used to it, but it's really fun. Really technical, but still fast and flowy. And good jumps too.

 ShowtimeMx says: 
My first review ever given Jager, so that deffinetely says something. On some of your last tracks i wasnt much of a fan but you did an excellent job on hitting the feel of a real Mx track, with the ruts and layout of the track, keep up the good work.

by the way Euro pete try and remember that we have young kids that get on this site frequently so try and control your F words.

 6ril.mx says: 
What can I add after all of this??? Man, this track is the best ever I rode on in a video game! You really are the best track maker so far! MikeMach's right: Rainbow Studios really need your skills. I feel like I was on a real track when I ride this one. The ruts, the off cambers, and this kind of dark hard packed clay... wow it's a blast! It's really a shame it will be out of the main page in a few hours... please mods, do something about that! This track must get the success it deserves. Please Jager, keep on making such amazing tracks. All these reviews say it all! :D
Thank you for making such great tracks man!

 MickyD says: 
Tracks alot of fun, nice layout, good flow.
Over all the disp is very well made.

Not a huge fan of the textures though, not a whole lot of variation and and very dark everywhere on the track, making it hard to see detail.

Otherwise its set the standard for mva, nice work.

 eastwp says: 
Guys' please help, I cannot download this track. Each time I try, and click to proceed, i get a page of letter and numbers and I have to close the browser. Please help!!

 eastwp says: 
Sorry, just to clarify, I have the latest Winrar loaded and I still cannot download this file or the Moto X. please please help. Am i doing something wrong

 JustMike says: 
Review first - the first track I have downloaded that is still on my hard drive. needs a TON of detail work but the track works and is fun, and that's the point, isn't it?/

for Eastwp and others:
If you are using Firefox, note that the last update "broke" some of the download asociations. Re-installing/reoptioning your Download manager and entering the appropriate extensions (.rar, .zip, etc.) into Firefox options will correct this - I had the same problems with the .rar files - they downloaded fine one day, the next I got them as a displayed page.

Since you can't right-click on the "get your file" button and re-direct it, the only reasonable alternative is to get and use a Download manager like Fresh Download.
Having Winrar and/or Winzip or any other compressed-file manager isn't the same as having a download manager - one handles compressed files, the other handles downloads.
FYI, FreshDownload works fine with Firefox and IE6/7 and it integrates right into the Firefox "FlashGot" manager...

Extract the .pak files into the dataUserTracks folder where you have installed the game (usually "program filesthqmx vs atv unleashed". You can install each .pak file into it's own sub-folder in the UserTracks folder - a good idea if you plan on creating your own tracks.

yeah, this should have gone in a forum but the questions were asked here, not in the forums...

 ATA_Hammer says: 
Frickin Sweet Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is 1 hell of a blast to ride! Keep em coming!!!

 UFO_Showtime says: 
My favorite national track so far.

The textures are super fine and detailed.

The ruts that were made as part of the track are so incredible that they improve the game itself.

The elevation changes are very realistic and not overdone.

Only bad things I see are that the start gate isn't buried and some of the haybale placement is a bit tight.

Overall, this track raises the bar for every track maker out there and deserves a round of applause. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

 MXFredde says: 
Its unbeliveble how good you made the bumps and ruts so that it both looks and feels realistic.
It really gets the best out of the physics of mva, the original tracks are far from near of using the physics like this track does! You can spend alot of time on the track and still finding new lines, and for the first time (for me atleast) the ruts are usefull insteed of just eyecandy.

Gotta love the jumps on this track! Especially the ones where you have to show the plug :) Perfect amount of biggness and tech...

And I really appericate that there are only a few objects and low poly, cuz this is one of the few tracks that runs smoothly on my old computer :)

Thanks for this great ride and keep em coming!

 finland_shredder says: 
this is my absolute favorite! love it love it love it!!!

 BPh Designs says: 

 couch982 says: 

 Castlemusta 381 says: 
its a shame rainbow wont eccept a great trak like dis.
bc they mak da worst traks and ther just jealles that they cant make a good trak.


 yzracer87 says: 
dude sick track.... great challenge for me.. but i was wondering if anyone could post lap times of this track.. so i can get a feel for how fast i am going on it. i havnt played this long so i jus wanted to get an idea..

 mx3111 says: 
how do i get this?

 Scaramouge says: 
hello, need help please, what i have to with the pak files , i put it in the national folder but doesnt works, i need a tool or something?.....pease help me thanks.................................sry about my englisch :)

 Dbike872 says: 
Wear do i put this file on mx simulator so then i can use it?

 BlackedOut271 says: 
This would be a great addition to my website: http://axs.derekfoulk.com its a brand new Action Sports game community with DLC and other stuff... I've been working hard to get it up and running and invite everyone to come register. I have some big plans for the near future :) This isn't spam btw, just wanting to get the word out about another MX community...

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